Trade in your baby’s items

How does it work?
3 easy steps

  1. Take a close-up picture or video of your item.

  2. Send us an email at including your pictures or videos, mentioning the item's condition, size and brand as well as your name, address and number.
    If the item meets our requirements, we will get back to you with an estimate of the item's resale value and a prepaid shipping label.

  3. Mail the item to us, free of charge.
    We will assess your item upon receipt and proceed with payment.

What kind of items can you trade in?

Clothes, shoes, accessories, bags and small equipment for babies and toddlers 0-3 years old (although some items will last for many more years...)

Unfortunately, we do not accept used teething products, pacifiers, underwear, socks or toys, as well as any product that is damaged, with the exception of damaged clothes (more details below).

Do we accept all brands?

Our mission is to encourage the redistribution of pre-owned goods as well as less and better consumption.

We will therefore prioritize brands that are:

  • High-quality and not found in most Canadian fast fashion retailers;
  • Eco-responsible and ethical;
  • Local.
    (But we are also travellers, so if you brought along great items from abroad, we'd love to hear from you too!)

For the same reasons, we will give preference to:

  • Mix & match outfits with multiple pieces;
  • Grow-with-me clothing and durable items;
  • Organic materials;
  • Recycled materials;
  • Handmade items.

Do we accept all clothing styles?

Let's just say that being different matters to us. If we were to define our style, we'd say we have a preference for:

  • Minimalist – because we love simple elegance, plus it's easy to mix & match;
  • Timeless – because we want it to be passed on as much as possible;
  • Eco-chic – because we care about our little ones' comfort as well as our planet.

    In which condition should your items be before trade-in?

    To maximize your trade-in offer, please ensure that your items are clean and that your clothes are free of stains, smells, wrinkles and pilling.

    How much can you expect to make?

    First, we will estimate your item’s resale value. Then, we will make an offer according to its condition, as a percentage of the resale value:

    A+ New with tags
    never been used, worn nor washed

    40% cash or
    50% store credit

    A Appears to be new, without tags 35% cash or
    45% store credit
    A- Gently used –
    minimal wear and tear
    30% cash or
    40% store credit
    B Not damaged but needs love –
    including wash, iron, brush, deep cleaning
    up to 25% cash or
    30% store credit

    For example:

    Let’s say we estimate the resale value of your baby’s gently used jumpsuit to $20, and you would like to receive payment in cash. You will be paid 30% of $20, i.e. $6 via Paypal.

    Should you opt for store credit instead, you would receive 40% of $20, i.e. a voucher of $8.

    What to do with damaged clothes?

    If you have a beautiful, high-quality garment that has permanent stains, missing buttons, broken zippers or irreparable damage, we gladly accept donations and we will do our best to give that item a second life.

    If we are unable to do so, we will ensure that it is properly recycled, so that it never ends up in a landfill.

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